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Cartoon network never gave a fuck back in the day
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Cartoon network never gave a fuck back in the day

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Literally the best bromance to ever bromance

I have a lot of feels about turk and jd. Yeah they were both straight but they loved each other and it never was a “no homo” thing. It got pretty homo at times and they embraced it and it didn’t matter. The joke wasn’t that they were gay, it wasn’t even a joke. They had serious friend love for each other and showed it in healthy ways. It showed cis men that were compassionate for each other in a positive way(yeah it got goofy at times but it was a comedy)

Sorry I love scrubs.

I don’t love Scrubs


I love this

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Orlando Hardcore
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Orlando Hardcore

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Ladies, gents and non-binaries: Stephen Fry, man who possesses the most common sense of any human on earth.

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Oct 24, 2013

Right or wrong i will stand on my own two feet. #adtr #thehousepartytour

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